Thursday, September 29, 2011


Vegetable Green Curry
Aside from my being lazy, one of the main reasons I haven't posted on this blog lately is that I seem to put a curse on any diet I write about in this blog. I start writing about it then immediately stop dieting. So I wanted to wait 'til I had stuck with one diet for awhile before posting about it.

I've been vegetarian for almost 2 months now. The most surprising thing about this isn't that I tried it (judging from the variety of diets I've been on I was sure to try this one at some point), it's that I actually DON'T MIND IT! This is crazy coming from someone who, in the back of her mind always thought vegetarians are weird. How can anyone live without meat? Turns out it's not as bad as I thought it was.

I haven't lost that much weight. I've lost about 2 lbs since I started, but you'll understand how amazing this weight loss is if you know how much I've been eating for the past two months. I started a new blog Not Bored NY, which basically has me going around New York checking out sights and stores and sampling as much food as I can. I've eaten dinner twice so many times I've lost count. Basically I eat whenever I feel like it, and my weight hasn't gone up at all. It's like I'm not even making an effort and I'm maintaining.

Now, I know the point of most diets isn't just to maintain, but this is already amazing in itself because I have NEVER found a way to maintain without having to count calories or workout like crazy. This is why I've never stayed at my target weight, because there will always be weeks when I just need to let go and eat whenever I want. I've found a simple rule that will allow me to maintain: no meat. Dieting doesn't have to take over my life for me to maintain anymore.

To actually get to my target weight I GUESS I'm just gonna have to workout once or twice a week and NOT eat dinner twice. Since October is coming, it's a good time to start eating sensibly. :)

Here's my first recipe post as a vegetarian. I used the Vegetable Green Curry recipe from, although I replaced the red peppers with frozen spinach because I hate bell peppers. I also added French's fried onions as a topping. This recipe is great over brown rice.


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