Thursday, December 2, 2010

I Can Eat Indian Food Without Feeling Guilty Now!!

My hubby was craving Indian food today and asked me if I wanted to order some for dinner. I groaned inwardly since I knew I would not be able to resist, and I ALWAYS end up bingeing and going into a food coma after. He suggested I get the small portion and just eat that. I thought about it a little and went even further. I researched the calorie content for basmati rice and lamb rogan josh, and portioned them with the help of my always helpful kitchen scale. Here are the numbers:

Basmati Rice, Cooked - 1 cup - 205 calories
Lamb Rogan Josh - 150 grams - 250 calories

That was a total of 455 calories, which was well under my calorie budget since I had a light breakfast and lunch.  For the first time ever, I ate Indian food at home without overeating and taking a nap 5 minutes after the meal. This is a huge step for me, since I mostly attribute my being overweight last year to too much naan and basmati rice. Small triumphs like this help keep me going :).

Speaking of triumphs, I finished the entire Jillian Michaels Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism workout for the first time ever the other night without stopping for more than 5 seconds. This is another big thing because I have NEVER finished this workout and I have been trying to for a long time. One review for it says:

"If there is one consensus about the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD it is the difficulty of the full on workout. Some users have been completing gym workouts, running and intense cardio for long periods of time and still have difficulty completing the entire 40 minutes non-stop, without alterations."

I have to admit, I still do a few alterations such as "girly" push-ups, but I still feel great about finishing it. Hopefully I can continue to be as motivated as I am now.


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